A Day In The Life – A General Haulier

Think about the last time that you tried to ship something. The mailing company you used probably asked you, or took the weight of the object you were shipping, the measurements of the object and then made sure it was tightly packaged. These are all feasible feats for things being sent that we are able to carry, but what about things that are so overwhelming large they would need to be transported a different way? We aren’t talking about a television or a washing machine because those are things that you could move with a little help, but automotive vehicles are another type of mission all together.

What is a General Automobile Hauler?

A general automobile hauler is someone that will transport vehicles by way of a large truck, and usually more that one vehicle at a time. This process helps people who need to get a vehicle from one place to another without an outrageous shipping fee based on the cars weight and dimensions like that at the shipping company you use for small items. If the normal shipping rates applied to cars, no one could afford to ship their vehicles to another location so these companies put reasonable rates on different transportation methods. Just like a big rig truck driver, general automobile haulers are equipped with a large eighteen wheeler that travels a very long distance. The hauler can have several cars in one load on these specialized vehicle storing trailers that locks all the cars behind and on top of the truck. The hauler will then drive and unload cars at each of their destinations.

Where do the cars come from?

A lot of times general haulers will obtain contracts from different companies who either sell cars or specialize in transporting vehicles for different car companies. These companies will have many cars in stock and purchase different vehicles from many locations to fill their lots. The cars are sometimes transported by owners of lots, however if it is a purchase that is made from another city, it is easier to get them all hauled at one time by a general hauler. More often than not, if a car selling company has different locations that require restocking of cars or there is overflow at one location, the company will often send multiple cars using a hauler to their other locations. Another place that many cars come from that general haulers are employed to haul is from repossession lots, and towing companies. Towing companies are usually only capable of transporting one vehicle at a time, so when a large amount of cars where auctioned off to car selling companies or being taken to a salvage yard they will call a hauling company to take care of their bulk request.

How to become a general hauler

To become a general hauler, it is first necessary to think about the hours and work that is dedicated to getting the job done. Much like truck drivers, a general hauler will be required to drive many long hours and normally by themselves. It is also necessary to have the knowledge and strength of the vehicle and trailers that are used to be able to properly and safely use them. The equipment used can be rather heavy and difficult to maneuver so having proper training is also essential. Many hauling companies require different testing to take place and certain licenses to be obtained for driving large cargo trucks. After passing tests and finding a company that will hire you, you will be put through a vigorous training process that is likely to include ride along with another employee and equipment training. Many times existing routes are in place for repeat customers, however in the automotive hauling business, a lot of jobs come from different places so being flexible is a must in this business. After learning proper procedures and policies for the company, drivers are usually awarded their own truck and route if available and finally become a hauler.

Hauling cars is a busy business with lots of competition and procedures to follow. The knowledge and skills required are a must to success in this industry and long term employment. By far, it is definitely not an easy job, but if being on the road and hauling different cars to many locations is something that excites you then it is definitely something to look into.

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