Container Haulage

Operating mainly out of the Midlands and Yorkshire, backed up by a presence in East Yorkshire, Lancashire and Merseyside, we undertake all container haulage – including hazardous.

As with our general haulage service, all vehicles are 44-ton plated and at least Euro 5 compliant.

Our business is built around customer care, meaning we tailor our service very specifically to individual customer’s needs, something we pride ourselves on. We enjoy bespoke relationships with various shipping lines and freight forwarders around the country.

We are frequently handed challenging operations, and we hope that’s what sets us apart from our competitors, allowing us to evolve and expand our customer portfolio.

There are many benefits of using a Jhaywards to transport your cargo. Cargo, especially imported goods require transport from the international port to its final location. You need to use a safe means of transport, such as container haulage to get your haul to its destination safely. You may opt to transport it in your truck or hire a company to transport it. Here are the benefits of hiring a company to transport your haulage.

  1. Necessary Equipment

    One upside to hiring a professional company is to ensure that your haulage is transported using the best transport equipment available. You need to ensure that the company you contract has the required equipment. Most companies have containers which offer a good means of transport as they give huge and enough room for your haul to be stored.

  2. Safety

    With a company, you are assured that your haulage will reach your destination safe and sound. A company will have trained and experience drivers who are professionals in their field. A company will still have a code of discipline, therefore you can trust the crew that will transport your haulage.

  3. Availability of Off-Dock Storage

    Another benefit of hiring a company to transport your haulage is the availability of off-dock storage. This means that the company has enough storage facility to store your haulage.

  4. Ability to Transport Hazardous Cargo

    Do you produce some hazardous cargo that you struggle to produce? Well, you need to hire a company to transport it for you. Hazardous haulage requires specialized equipment that will handle it in a way so as to make sure it doesn’t cause any accidents. A company will invest in all types of equipment, therefore it will have the facilities to enable it carry hazardous cargo. You can therefore contract a company to transport your hazardous cargo to your destination.

Container haulage is the best way to transport your haulage as it offers your cargo safety as well as the right conditions for transportation.

We have invested heavily into this sector and, over time, have emulated our general haulage reputation, growing from strength to strength.

Our depots having live digital CCTV, and 24/7 hour manned security, so your cargo is in safe hands.

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